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Calendar for flower blooming times and exhibitions

Calendar Tsubaki-ten (Camellia exhibition) Botan-ten (Peony exhibition) Shobu-ten (Japanese iris exhibition) Asagao-ten (Morning glory exhibition) Kikka-ten (Chrysanthemum exhibition) *Flower blooming times may change due to weather.

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Tsubaki-ten (Camellia exhibition)

Middle of December ~ the end of March

Enjoy Japanese winter beauty with Peony.

Tsubaki-ten (Camellia exhibition)Tsubaki-ten (Camellia exhibition)

Botan-ten (Peony exhibition)

Mid April ~ Mid May

Splendid Peony lightens the Japanese garden. Please enjoy them at the rest area and Togendai.

 Botan-ten (Peony exhibition) Botan-ten (Peony exhibition)

Hanashobu-ten (Japanese iris exhibition)

Mid April ~ Mid May

Enjoy the delicate Japanese iris.

Hanashobu-ten (Japanese iris exhibition)Hanashobu-ten (Japanese iris exhibition)

Asagao-ten (Morning glory exhibition)

Mid July ~ the end of August

Dairin (big flower) and Henka (mutation) morning glory are in bloom. Morning glory market is open at that time.

Asagao-ten (Morning glory exhibition)Asagao-ten (Morning glory exhibition)

Kikka-ten (Chrysanthemum exhibition)

Mid October ~ Mid Novembe

Chrysanthemum festival sponsored by Sakai city and Naniwa chrysanthemum association taking place in the Japanese garden.

Kikka-ten (Chrysanthemum exhibition)Kikka-ten (Chrysanthemum exhibition)

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